We help passionate entrepreneurs make their brands stand out  through our design and storytelling services.

Here at Helmi Studios, we’ve streamlined the design process to make agency-level services accessible for small brands. Every turnaround is taken online, delivered to you by our innovative and fresh-minded creative team from around the world.
We’re here to make your brand vision come alive. Let us handle the design hacks and details, so you can focus on growing your business.
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Annika Hiltunen, Founder

My Story

As an international female entrepreneur with a Nordic touch, I have worked with many global brands to develop, shape, and protect their market presence. I’m always on the lookout for new ways to make the creative industry more accessible to fellow business owners. (Probably because I’m also a professional photographer with a knack for innovation and a drive to encourage and inspire those around me.)

Once upon a time, I tried doing everything myself.

I wanted the best for my brand. I wanted efficient marketing, design, and branding, so I soaked up on skills through experience, online resources, and client work. It had to be enough for me to take on my own marketing, design, and running my website, right? Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

Two freelancers weren’t enough, but an agency was way out of budget.

I needed to fill many roles for different tasks, but low-cost hiring from freelancer platforms taught me how hard it is to put together a talented team that took my brand to where I wanted it to be. And as a small business owner, approaching an agency was a bigger investment than I could financially spare.

If I was going through all of this, other entrepreneurs probably were too.

I found that these issues were too time-consuming and costly for someone with a small brand. I had a bigger realization that there were others like me who needed accessible design and storytelling services for their businesses, but felt just as lost as I was.

The solution was staring right at me.

Why not create a service that helps small entrepreneurs like me have access to collaborative storytelling and high-quality design?
Or better yet, why not bundle these services to make them more fitting for small business needs?
That's where Helmi Studios came in.

We’ve packaged and productized design and storytelling services.

They’re the usual agency services like design, branding, and website setups, but easily viewable on our website and tailor-fit for the marketing needs of small brands.
So whether you just need to streamline your brand identity through a visual guideline or drive in sales through a full online store, we definitely have the right bundle for you.
Quality is our top priority. But everyone else claims this, right? So to show our commitment to always put our best foot forward, you’re entitled to a full money-back guarantee.

Stay tuned for our upcoming offers.

We’ll be launching a fantastic range of products and services you don’t want to miss out on.
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